Communications, 1990s style….

I remember when we got call waiting when I was growing up. It was the COOLEST ever! I remember telling people to call me at the exact same time, just so I could hear that magical beep and say those magic words: “Hold on, I have another call.” Fast forward to today, and you will find me cringing every time I hear that once magical beep.

voicemail1 Communications, 1990s style....

The only thing I despise more than the call waiting beep is the voicemail alert. NOTE: I do not listen to voicemails. I hate them. TEXT ME. This is also a big  change for me. I remember in college, rushing home from class or from work to check my answering machine. We even had one of those fancy pants ones that displayed the number of messages recorded.
Social media has definitely upped the ante- and frequency- of teenage communications. I like to think I would have been able to keep up. My parents would agree, as they claimed I was the most social teenager the world had ever seen. While modesty is not my best quality, even I think that is a bit of a stretch. (While at swim practice, I would receive an average of ten messages. I remember the record of seventeen one day.) The tools have changed quite a bit as well. And, it makes me a bit sad because it takes some of the mystery out of life. Did he call? Does he want to go out again?
To be honest, I’m glad we did not have all of the connectivity we do now. Kids today will have no memories of phone watching stalking- if we willed IT (the phone)  enough, IT would ring. And then picking up the phone to check again and again if there was a dial tone and then panicking because what if he tried to call during that time the phone was disconnected and got a busy signal?! And Lord help anyone else in the house who wanted to make a phone call while Operation: Phone Stalk was underway. It wasn’t pretty.

Calling when you say you’re going to call is the very first brick in the house you are building of love and trust.  If he can’t lay this one stupid brick down, you ain’t never gonna have a house, baby.  And it’s cold outside.

(He’s Just Not That Into You)

Big time technology when I was in high school included carphones, kids’ phone lines, call waiting, numerical caller ID, and AOL. I had the internet in high school! I can barely remember not having email (AOL became really popular during my early high school years). I had a carphone (note: spell check did not know ‘carphone’) and my boyfriend had a real cell phone! Sure, things were more primitive, but at least we had something…

nokia Communications, 1990s style....

This is part one… please stay tuned for part two!


  1. haha, I remember when we got call waiting. My parents wouldn’t answer it because it was “rude”. Then why get it at all?! They crack me up.
    I remember back when we had to count our internet minutes. I used to go over all time and get in so much trouble. I used to also spend hours on the phone. Come to think of it, I still do with my mom. :-) I am guilty of texting, but I sort of hate it.
    Mrs. Match recently posted..TTUT-Healing the PainMy Profile

    • My Dad wouldn’t either. Still won’t. Also refuses to carry cell phone. And the gets mad IF plans change…

  2. I HATE phone calls. HATE them. If I could have my iPhone without calling and just had texting and internet, I would be the happiest camper in the world. My mother calls and leaves voice mails. Long, rambling voice mails. I listen to them and want to bash my head in. But then if I ever leave her a voice mail, she will just call back and say “did you call?” WITHOUT EVER HAVING LISTENED TO THE MESSAGE. Annoying.
    Rachel @ The House of Burks recently posted..Simultaneous Husband Win and FailMy Profile

  3. it’s amazing, my kids have no idea what those old clunkers are!! to think I grew up with a rotary phone…

    • My sister (who is six years younger than me) saw a rotary phone for the first time when she was in fifth grade and we moved. She didn’t know what it was…

  4. My husband refuses to set up his voicemail. I have it, but I love that I can delete mine without listening to them.
    hotpants™ recently posted..Will Ferrell is a Twihard for life.My Profile

  5. Voicemails make me cringe too!


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