Six On Monday (Again)

1. Sage Magazine. If you missed it (shame on you!), I was once again honored to be a part of this fabulous publication! My favorite pages are 18 & 19 and 72 & 73… but I might be biased. Hope you love it!

sage april Six On Monday (Again)


2.  Baby Showers. I attended two this weekend! Just to be safe, I made sure to avoid the water. I made the safer choice of chardonnay! I know, I am a modern hero. In all seriousness, congrats to the new moms; the parties were lovely. And, I could drink all the water in the big blue sea and nothing would happen- I made sure of that!

3. Menchie’s. As you all, I am obsessed with Menchie’s, specifically the Red Velvet flavor. Every month, they feature a new Flavor Of The Month- and the last two months they have really dropped the ball. The Salted Caramel of March tasted like flavored ocean water, and the Pink Lemonade Sorbet of April tastes like very intense, very cold Crystal Lite… I am remain a devoted Red Velvet fan.

4. Tip Well. I was a repeat customer at Cheeky’s, a local Mexican place this weekend. I had the same waiter as last week, and he remembered me (me and my checkbook). When I ordered “as much wine as you can give me and still charge me for one drink”, he totally delivered. I again tipped him generously, and hope to have the same arrangement when we visit again.

5. The Americans. This show is amazing! Incredible! If you are not watching, get on board. Immediately.(Also, who knew Felicity could kick so much ass?!)

6. Apple ID. Perhaps someone can riddle me this- why does my apple ID work when I install apps on my phone but will not work when I try to log into my account on my laptop? Driving me CRAZY. Please help!

apple id Six On Monday (Again)



Six On Sunday, The Tuesday Version

1. Pollen. Green is the New Black. It is covering EVERYTHING. I moved to Atlanta nine years ago and it still blows my mind every spring. Words cannot do justice to the amount of pollen, so just look at the pictures and be smug you do not live here!

2. The Pink House. Thomas and I went to Savannah for a wedding this weekend, and we finally made it to the Pink House. The Pink House is a historical building that was a favorite hang out of Revolutionary war heroes. It was saved in the 1950s and converted into a restaurant. In all the years we have been visiting Savannah we have never been there, despite our best efforts. From all accounts, it combines several of my favorite things- history, great food and drinks, dress required (in the dining room), and pink! On Friday, we finally made it!  As an added bonus, my parents attended the wedding as well and came with us. It was wonderful.

3. Phone 5. I got a new phone- the iPhone 5. I love the bigger screen and the fact that is it more lightweight. I HATE the fact that I had to buy all new chargers for it. Well played Apple, well played.

4. Sirrus Satellite Radio. Wow! How cool! I realize I am the last one to this party, but I am finally here! The drive to Savannah flew by with the addition of Sirrus. In an added bonus, I am discovering all kinds of 90s tunes I had forgotten about- C&C Music Factory anyone?!

5. Dance Lessons. We did not see a lot of my parents at the wedding because they were too busy dancing. They took up dance lessons last year and have been tearing it up ever since. There was a wonderful eleven (!) piece band at the wedding and they made the most of it. I think they intimidated everyone else because no one else was dancing! It was great to watch, and Thomas suggested that we take lessons. He might or might not have been on his second bourbon when he said it, but I am taking it! Now, we just have to find a place that will accommodate his schedule (which is basically open ended ALL THE TIME).

dancing with the stars logo 455x320 Six On Sunday, The Tuesday Version

My parents would totally rock this show!

6. My allergies. My allergy woes continue. I recently found out I am allergic to thimersol, which is a chemical commonly found in contact solution and make up. After switching all my contact solutions and make up, I am still having the same issues… and this time, they think the culprit might be nail polish.  Anyone who knows me AT ALL has never seen my fingers (let alone my toes) without polish. A small (OK large) piece of me DIED when I heard that… .thankfully, it is not confirmed. Confirmation will come in the shape of more long term patch tests… cannot wait…

Six On Sunday, Version 36

1. Indiana Basketball. So over it.

2. Cadbury Creme Eggs. YUMMO. Old school, I know, but still my favorite.

3. Easter Candy. I swear, Easter is the new Halloween. I think Emma received more candy today than she did on Halloween. I am all for a few jelly beans and some Robin’s eggs (a close second to the Cadbury egg), but the situation has gotten out of control. Perhaps the dentists are receiving kickbacks?

4. Broken iPhone. Nothing screams WHITE TRASH like a cracked iPhone screen. I dropped my phone on Thursday… When it landed, it made a noise that was different from any other time that I dropped it. I debated on not picking it up, but ultimately decided that wasn’t a good solution either. For $90, I can get the screen replaced. For $169, I can use my insurance. For $200 (plus a $30 upgrade fee WTF is that all about?!), I can upgrade to the iPhone 5. I’m probably gonna go 5…

5. Pinterest. It’s starting to happen- Pinterest is starting to control my life. I have tried so hard to avoid her siren song, but I fear she has her clutches in me! This is what I have spent my entire afternoon attempting to create:

eaa7ef50d0fab1aa0937b93acdd5479d Six On Sunday, Version 36


so far all I can say is “Work In Progress”.

6. Monograms.

southern monogram Six On Sunday, Version 36

I have monogrammed almost every single article of clothing that Emma will wear this summer. She wears a uniform to school (best thing that has ever happened to me- other than me wearing a uniform for the first twelve years of my scholastic career) and loves it. Sadly, uniforms are not worn during the summer. While I am dreading the inevtiable fights over wardrobe choices, I am thrilled to have satisfied my monogram fix!

emma easter Six On Sunday, Version 36

Note both the enormous basket and the monogram.

Six On Sunday, Version 35; The One That Didn’t Publish on Sunday

1. Indiana Basketball. This is the only time of year I pay any attention to sports. Sure, sports events are a great excuse to have a party and drink wine, but as far at the sports go, I could care less… I am LOVING watching March Madness, and am so excited to cheer for my team! Extra points for anyone who knows why the Indiana players do not have their names on their jerseys.

2. Target. Why is it that every single time I walk through those doors, I spend WAY WAY more money than I had planned on. I do not know why I even bother with a list as what I actually buy is never on it.

wedding dress corrected Six On Sunday, Version 35; The One That Didnt Publish on Sunday

I could not resist using this picture again because let’s face it; I am The Most Beautiful Bride Ever.

3.Wedding Pictures. Even after all these years, I still get a bit misty eyed when I look through my wedding album. I also feel very old… while my pictures are wonderful, and I am still The Most Beautiful Bride Ever, my pictures are dated. Since my wedding, pictures have changed from the standard posing- bride with bridesmaids at alter, groom with bridesmaids at alter, etc- into more journalist and more artsy. Today’s pictures reflect the personalities of the couple, and are far less formal. I would change a few things about my wedding, with the number one being the photography. Engaged gals take note: pictures are forever and you WILL still care years later about how the pictures (and everyone in them) look.


4. The Bar Method. Supposedly the hottest workout- touted as “the most targeted body sculpting workout- in Hollywood since Pilates, I jumped at the chance to try it. A friend of mine had a guest pass and invited me to go with her. I enjoyed it. My thigh (and hamstrings and gluts and calves) were not such big fans… which is a success in my book.

5. Chocolate Banana Bread. Emma and I were making banana bread on Saturday, and we were inspired by the cocoa powder that leapt out of the cabinet when we opened the doors. It turned out to be a great addition to our bread. I would share the recipe except that I never use one. Which is great because it’s always a surprise (ha!) but sad because I can never seem to replicate exactly what I did…

6. Snow. As faithful readers know, I Over Snow. I grew up in the Midwest and have seen my fair share of the stuff. However, I was a little nostalgic for the coziness that a snow day brings….

Six On Sunday, Version 35

1. Lazy. Saturday afternoon, I did nothing. I was lazy. This is a major milestone for me, people. I sat still and watched trashy reality television. And did nothing else- no iPad, no nail polish, nothing. It was great. (For about thirty minutes, and then I maxed out on ‘nothing’ and mopped the kitchen floor.)

2. Crock Pot. I have never used a crock pot before. I understand that people love them, and cannot imagine their lives without one. However, the appeal is lost on me as I don’t really like meat (I haven’t eaten red meat since 2004, not counting this-one-time-in-Paris-at-the-fondue-restaurant), and I am not a huge stew fan. Also, I don’t really care for potatoes. However, it is St. Patrick’s Day, and my husband loves corned beef, so I found myself searching pinterest for a recipe.

3. Corned Beef. Here is what I made.

I also made these, but the ones I made look NOTHING like this picture.

4. Photo Op. I realized that we have not taken one single, solitary picture since Christmas.  Thomas hates everything about pictures- from posing to taking them. He especially hates it when I ask someone to take our picture. (Which is too bad really, because I do it all the time.) I love pictures. I frequently look through our photo albums, remembering when and where we were when said pictures were snapped. So, this weekend has been one photo op after another. I am thrilled. Thomas not so much.

5. Irish Blessing. I love this. It makes me think of my grandmother, and I cannot even read it without crying. At my youngest sister’s wedding, Thomas had to read it because no one in my family could get through it without weeping.


6. Red Velvet. It seems like everyone we know was born in March. We seem to spend all of March going to birthday parties- which is a great thing. Yesterday, I was served Red Velvet cake that changed my life. The frosting was a cream cheese base with pecan bits mixed in. It was perfect- the crusty frosting edge and dense, creamy underside. The frosting did not overpower the cake- it was a perfect accompaniment to the cake. Usually, I am more of a cake than frosting gal- so I tried the cake without the frosting… which was possibly one of the best moves I have ever made. The cake moist and light; and melted like butter. In fact, the cake tasted A LOT like butter! I know a lot of people don’t ‘get’ Red Velvet- they can’t distinguish red velvet from any other cake. This cake will make them believers. The cake was from Gabriel’s.

homeLogo Six On Sunday, Version 35

Marietta, GA


Six On Sunday, Version 34

1. Chicken & Waffles. I have heard of ‘chicken and waffles’ since I moved South. I have never tried the two together, as the flavor combination is lost on me (perhaps it’s my Midwestern upbringing?). Lays potato chips is introducing three new flavors, and one of them is, you guessed it, Chicken & Waffles. I bought a bag on a whim and brought it home. Emma immediately zoned in on the bag as I walked through the door. Despite the fact that she had just finished dinner, she announced she wanted “five” chips. (Don’t know what her deal is with ‘five’, but she wants everything in fives.) After one bite, she screwed up her face, spit it out, and informed she would not be eating anymore. I too tried a bite… and came to the same conclusion. GROSS.

2. Real Buttercream Frosting. This weekend, we went to a birthday party for my best girlfriend’s daughter. We have decided that our daughters are best friends also, and are hopeful that they continue to like each other! The centerpiece of any birthday party is the cake. This cake was incredibly dense, yet moist almost like a white pound cake. But, the cake paled in comparison to the frosting. I normally do not care for frosting. Normally, I scrape it to the side and leave it in a small mountain on my plate (thankfully, Emma thinks frosting is its own food group, so she gobbles mine- and anyone else’s she can get her hands on- up.)  This frosting wasn’t overly sweet, instead, it was butter. Pause for just a second and let that brilliance seep in: CAKE SURROUNDED BY BUTTER! Life Changing, I tell you!

3. Salted CaramelI like the sweet/ salty combination. I love salted caramel candies. Salted caramel cookies are divine. Salted caramel frozen yogurt at Menchie’s is TERRIBLE. It’s like eating the ocean- all brine and salt. The only thing missing was a fishy smell. I would recommend you stick with the Red Velvet, as that is The Most Amazing Flavor Ever.

(Good grief, I must be really hungry! Now for some non food stuff…)

4. Thimerosal. Don’t know what this is? I didn’t either until last week. Thimerosal is a preservative in cosmetics and contact solutions. And, I am very allergic to it. The skin around my eyes has been peeling for almost eighteen months. Attempting to wear eye makeup is so painful that I have been forced to stop wearing it. Let me tell you that dark under eye circles look good on no one. Especially not on me. In good news, now that I know what the problem is, I can fix it. In bad news, all of my eye make up has to go… a small piece of me is dying with each expensive mascara, eyeliner, and shadow that I toss.

5. At Home Gel Manicures. I had my first gel manicure around Christmas. It totally rocked my world. As much as I loved it, I am way too cheap budget conscious to shell out that kind of money- the last time I had a pedicure was because I was  too pregnant to reach my toes myself (June 2009). So, being the resourceful gal I am I bought one of the at-home kits. It sucked. Sally Henson, you are a dirty liar! I have one of my girlfriend’s at home gel manicure kits to try, and have my finger (nails) crossed for a better result.

6. The Bachelor. The Finale!! As this is my virgin season, I am not sure if this really is the “The Most Dramatic Season Ever”, but I am so hooked! I have already warned asked my husband to keep his comments to himself! Happy Watching!

The Bachelor Spoilers 2013 Six On Sunday, Version 34

Who wins?!

My Mom’s Quiche- The BEST Comfort Food

Yesterday, I blogged about my mom’s quiche- one bite and I am thrown back to my childhood.

julia attitude My Moms Quiche  The BEST Comfort Food

It is GLORIOUS! (Both the quiche and my childhood.)

Here is her recipe, and, like all great recipes, it uses approximations and has Mom-esque love at the end.


Julia’s Mom’s Quiche

quiche My Moms Quiche  The BEST Comfort Food

You can preheat the crust for 5 minutes or so. (always preheat)
grated cheese – a good cup (we always use swiss, but feel free to make it your own)
sliced ham – cut in small pieces (or bacon, or my favorite, leeks) (really you could use anything- spinach, mushrooms, etc)
3 large eggs or 4 medium
1 c milk
1/2 c half and half
dash nutmeg
1 T flour
Put mixed cheese and ham in bottom of pie crust. Mix eggs, milk, h&h; add nutmeg and flour. Pour into crust. Bake at 375 for 40-50 minutes or until knife inserted into center comes out clean.
About 30 minutes in check to be sure the edge of the crust is not browning too quickly. If so put folder silver foil over the edges.
It will come out puffy and then settle as it cools.

Six On Sunday, Version 33

1. Baking.  This weekend, Emma and I attempted to make cupcakes for a girls birthday lunch I went to on Saturday. We grabbed our trusty box of Butter Recipe Mix and set to work.  This particular mix called for butter instead of oil, so the batter is always on the thick side. As I filled the cupcake liners, I thought to myself “Gosh, this is REALLY thick!”… well, it was really thick because we forgot to put any liquid in it! While cake mix is magical, and can overcome almost anything- overmixing, for example- it cannot overcome a total lack of moisture. The cake never rises in the middle- the cupcakes resembled sink holes. We attempted to fix them, but, sadly, they were un-fixable. RIP mini cupcakes!

2. Ladies Who Lunch. I recommend every girl get a set of friends to lunch with on the occasional Saturday afternoon. And by lunch I mean drink expensive Chardonnay at 2PM. It is a great way to spend an afternoon!

photo 39 700x522 Six On Sunday, Version 33

3. The cold. I grew up in the Midwest, and even lived in Chicago for a while.  I can do cold. Or, could do I should say. I cannot tolerate anything under forty degrees anymore. Last week, I was in Chicago where it was 14 BEFORE THE WIND! As a result, I did not go outside for three days.

4. Quiche. Is one of my ultimate comfort foods. You know that one food that takes you back to your childhood- suddenly, you are ten years old eating in your family’s breakfast room (or kitchen or dining room). My mom’s quiche is that food for me. This weekend, I made dinner for a sick girlfriend and her family. As I was making the quiche, Thomas informed me that he loves quiche. So, I made a second one which we had for dinner last night (and tonight. And possibly tomorrow.) With the first bite, I was transported back to 1989, having dinner with my sisters. It was wild! I will post the recipe under a separate post. You will want it, trust me.

quiche Six On Sunday, Version 33

5. Routine. It’s back! After a rough couple of weeks (surgery, work trips, and out of town visitors), we are back into our groove and it feels so so good!

6. Three year olds. I love LOVE my little girl. She’s the best. She is also rather spirited… Weekends are great because we get to spend so much time together. (Weekdays are also great because school is open!). In all seriousness, I would rather tame a tiger than try to paint stripes on one. These qualities, the very ones that drive me crazy now will serve her very well later in life… however…

lose her shit Six On Sunday, Version 33


Six On Sunday, Version 32 (Monday Version 4)

1. My husband had sinus surgery. As loyal readers know, he had surgery ten days ago. Ten Very Long Days Ago. While he has been a model patient, he is a patient nonetheless.  Today, he has a doctor’s appointment where he will (fingers crossed) be released to do whatever he wants to do.  I feel that he will want to vacuum, stack the dishwasher, and fold laundry.  Just a hunch.

sage Six On Sunday, Version 32 (Monday Version 4)

2. Sage Magazine. I was invited back to write another piece for Sage Magazine. This issue’s topic was Valentine’s Day, and while not my favorite day (see #4), it is one of the most memorable days of high school- Valentine’s Day was our Superbowl (please see page 10).

3. Cruises. I met my husband on a cruise. We have talked about going on another one, possibly for our tenth anniversary of our first date. After the most recent mishap involving a lack of electricity, optional plumbing, and irate passengers; I suspect my cruising days might be behind me… All plans for future cruises have jumped ship, and any lingering thoughts about how wonderful cruising is have been cast overboard. (I know I know terrible, but I could not resist!)

4. Valentine’s Day. As a rule, I do not have fond feelings for any Hallmark generated holiday (see also: Sweetest Day, Office Professionals Day, and Bosses Day). (Check out this list of the 7 Most Ridiculous Holidays, it’s pretty good.) This year was the first year Emma ‘celebrated’ Valentine’s Day at school, which gives me yet another reason to hate this fake holiday: candy.  The amount of candy my child brought home from school rivals any good trick or treating run on Halloween. Policing said candy has enforced Emma’s belief that Mommy And Daddy Are No Fun and has made for an exhausting round of conversation. (Why can’t I just eat candy Mommy? I love candy! I want candy! Yes! Now!)

folding laundry Six On Sunday, Version 32 (Monday Version 4)

5. Modern Appliances. I am a HUGE fan of dishwashers- I have lived in several apartments over the years that did not have one. I also love having a washer and dryer in my house as I do not miss schleping my laundry to my parents. However, due to the increase in dishes (see #1) and laundry (also #1), my life has become emptying the dishwasher and folding sheets. I am so over it I cannot even begin to tell you.

6. Caramel Shortbread Squares. So incredible. I used to make these all the time for my best friend Caroline’s husband.  She has moved far, far away, and without Jacob requesting them, I had forgotten about them. I love to bake, but I have found the whole “a moment on the lips forever on the hips” is too true. However, I maintain that calories don’t count when baking if you are baking for someone else, so I rarely bake for our family. Instead, I bake for friends, neighbors, and even the mailman. Saturday evening they suddenly popped into my head (what an exciting life I lead) and so, as my gift to you, I am sharing. You’re Welcome.



2/3 cup butter, softened
1/4 cup white sugar
1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
1 1/4 cups milk chocolate chips
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 C).
2. In a medium bowl, mix together 2/3 cup butter, white sugar, and flour until evenly crumbly. Press into a 9 inch square baking pan. Bake for 20 minutes.
3. In a 2 quart saucepan, combine 1/2 cup butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, and sweetened condensed milk. Bring to a boil. Continue to boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and beat vigorously with a wooden spoon for about 3 minutes. Pour over baked crust (warm or cool). Cool until it begins to firm.
4. Place chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 1 minute, then stir and continue to heat and stir at 20 second intervals until chocolate is melted and smooth. Pour chocolate over the caramel layer and spread evenly to cover completely. Chill.

I first found this recipe on (

Six On Sunday, Version 31

1. Sinus surgery. Is terrible.  My husband had it last Thursday, and he has been awake and upright for maybe thirty minutes total since then.  He is one of the toughest people I know, and I have never seen him in this much pain. It’s terrible… everyone who has had the surgery says it is 100% worth it in the end, so we are hopeful…

2. Keratin (or, as I like to call it, What The Baby Jesus Gave to Hair). I finally finally had time to make an appointment to get my hair did. While I am so relieved to FINALLY have it done, I am in hair hell as I cannot wash it (let alone tie it back) for 72 hours… I am on hour 25 and I am SO OVER IT.  The sticky product in it has already made me resemble a homeless person, I cannot wait to see what Tuesday morning brings… Whomever said “beauty is painful” wasn’t kidding.

3. Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. Do you think they are trying to be that ironic on purpose?! It is truly stunning… From Kim yelling at Kourtney because she is such a sloppy mom to Khole giving parenting advice it is just a trainwreck.  Also, could Scott BE a bigger dousche?!

4. My Hair Is In My Face And It’s Driving Me Crazy. Oh Tuesday, why can’t you already be here? (Tuesday morning will be 72 hours of the treatment sitting on my hair. It takes 72 hours to get the full affect, or so they tell me…)

5. Red Velvet. I have written before about my love affair with Menchie’s Red Velvet fro yo… I will do very, very bad things for their red velvet flavor, especially if you cover it with chocolate sprinkles… I took Emma yesterday, which made her week- her idea of heaven I believe is a Menchie’s store, minus the mom in the background telling her “that’s enough!” “hands to yourself!” “no, that’s enough toppings!” and “get your hands out of that!”. I think Menchie’s puts some sort of MomCrack in that stuff because every mom in the joint was huddled next to the RV machine, multiple red stained “trial” cups in their hands…

6. Making Fun of The Bachelor. I have discovered that the best part of watching The Bachelor is talking sh*! about The Bachelor. Not only can I spend hours discussing the ‘ladies’ with my girlfriends, I can read blogs about it all day long! Here is a link to The Funniest Stuff I Have Ever Read In My Life… Enjoy! And don’t say I didn’t warn you- if you are reading in public, you might make a scene…