Bubbles Are Key To A Successful Bubble Bath

t j savannah Bubbles Are Key To A Successful Bubble Bath

Grown ups!

For my birthday every year, Thomas and I escape flee take a trip together. Alone.  As  grownups.  This year, we stayed at a FABULOUS hotel in Savannah. This hotel room had, hands down, the most incredible bathtub. (The whole time we were there we were waiting for them to realize we were not cool enough to be staying there. As we were not asked to leave, I can only assume we are in fact that cool. That or else my uncool dollar is just as good as the cool kids’.)The kind of bathtub that COMMANDS a bubble bath be taken in it.  Of course, I took it for the team and announced that I would be taking a bath just as soon as I could locate some bubble bath. The number of baths I take a year (shut up, I shower quite regularly) has decreased in direct proportion to the increase in my child’s age, so I was so excited for my very own bubble bath.

photo 18 Bubbles Are Key To A Successful Bubble Bath

In theory, procuring bubble bath should have been easy. As you loyal readers know, rarely, if ever, do things go as planned for me.

I first tried the front desk, but they did not have any. (They also did not have shower caps, which was really weird.) The next day, when we were out and about, we popped into a CVS. (The best thing about vacationing domestically is that one still has access to places like CVS and Target.) Thomas and I both scanned the bath section and came up empty.  This CVS was huge, one of the biggest I have ever been in. Surely, if any CVS were to have bubble bath, this CVS would. We found an employee, and asked about the phantom bubble bath. Sadly, he came up empty handed as well.

Undeterred, I asked another employee for suggestions on where to find bubble bath. She could not believe that they did not stock it- , so she went and had a look at the bath aisle, and for good measure, the children’s aisle.. (I appreciate her Must-Please-The-Customer attitude, really I do, but three adults had already looked for it…) She suggested several places… and then mentioned we would have to drive there. As we were staying downtown, our valeted car was stuck in some garage, somewhere. Surely, there had to be bubble bath that was more easily accessible.

Thomas sighed and resigned himself to accompanying me on The Quest For Bubble Bath…


  1. Well, I hope you found it! A woman NEEDS to get her bath in when she’s away from the kids!
    dumb mom recently posted..Wordful Wednesday. Holiday Photo Do’s & Don’ts.My Profile

  2. That’s it…ugh! Cliff hanger!
    You poor thing. First the kids interrupt bath time and now no bubbles. Such is life…


    PS ~ Cute photo of you and hubby :)
    Lanaya @ Raising Reagan recently posted..Tuesday Instagram DumpMy Profile

  3. As always, you manage to make any story so intriguing!!! Can’t wait for the next part!!
    Roshni recently posted..Last, but not least!! Third giveaway with Yours, Mine and Hers!!!My Profile

  4. Love the photo of the two of you and hope you tracked down the bubbles :)


  1. [...] The Quest For Bubble Bath (necessary for the world’s best bathtub) took Thomas and I to places he would not normally go. I say this is a good thing; a chance for personal growth and self development. I’m not so sure Thomas feels the same way…The gal at CVS mentioned a day spa across the street and suggested we go there as they were likely to carry bubble bath (because we were in the only CVS in North America that did not carry bubble bath).  As we walked across the street, Thomas muttered something about the ridiculousness of paying eight dollars for bubble bath from a fancy-pants spa. I ignored him and his whining (I consider myself an expert in the ‘Ignoring Whining’ arena.) We I (Thomas refused) went inside and located the perfect bubble bath! It was shaped like a cupcake! It promised a relaxing, lavender scent! And it was $6, not $8! [...]

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