Bubble Baths Aren’t The Same With A Toddler

When I think of relaxing, I think of things like soft, soothing music, muted lighting, light classical music, and bubble baths, and bubble baths (especially when paired with the aforementioned things) are wonderful. Since I had Emma three years ago, they have become even more wonderful- and, even rarer. These days, if I eke out time to take a bath, I find it hard to relax with the constant commentary Emma provides.  I am sure you are thinking to yourself: ‘this chick is crazy and creating her own problem. She should simply shut the door and ignore the protesting toddler. Surely, the child will get tired after a few minutes and find some other activity’.

So. Many. Problems. With. That. Statement.  (I wish I was still twenty two years old and knew everything about parenting.)

As those of us who currently reside in Toddlerville know, there is nothing as stubborn (or as verbal in their unhappiness) as a toddler. I understand that you might consider yourself strong willed- when people call me things like obstinate, inflexible, and immovable I take it as a compliment.  Toddlers are unbreakable. Toddlers should be used in government sponsored disciplinary activities. Toddlers basically win every time.

emma ice cream Bubble Baths Arent The Same With A Toddler

Sure, she looks sweet and innocent. Trust me, she has the stamina of Goliath.

 When Emma is home, I have approximately five seconds of peace during my “relaxing” bubble bath. Five seconds because that is as long as it takes for her to hear the door close (man do those toddlers have incredible hearing!) and the bath start to run. After she bangs and kicks the door until I open it (there was a time when I was in there alone, I’m almost positive. I don’t really remember it…), the questions start. I shan’t bore you with the exhaustive list of them; just know they are plentiful, oft repeated, and unending.

My baths are few and far between, which makes them even more special. A couple of weeks ago, the stars aligned and I was able to take a bath! However, it was not as relaxing as I had hoped…

vintage bubble bath beauty Bubble Baths Arent The Same With A Toddler

So wonderfully relaxing…


  1. Oh, I feel for you, do I remember those days.
    Lucy recently posted..Lightbulb TweetsMy Profile

  2. Oh man, I should get my baths in now, or while piglet is not yet talking! :-) I hear toddlers are rough. Good thing they’re so darn cute!

  3. With boys, they don’t stay, but they do come in repeatedly to ask questions, or just say hi. Mom looks funny taking a bath. Are you bored? Is the water hot? Are you reading, why? Hi Mom!
    VandyJ recently posted..Let’s Get a Little Bit RandomMy Profile


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