Bonnie Bunny…Both my Salvation and my Destruction

My daughter Emma had a one of a kind ‘lovey’ (security item), Puppy. In most aspects of life, I encourage Emma to seek out the unique, and to find her path.  Case in point? Emma wears tutus all the time, except for school and only because of the uniform.  She even sleeps in tutus! New parents, pay attention as I am about to share a commandment of parenting: Always Have Back Up, from extra diapers and onesies to loveys. We, sadly, made a rookie mistake and did not have a back up Puppy and were forced to say goodbye forever about six months ago, when Puppy Got Lost.

tutu2 Bonnie Bunny...Both my Salvation and my Destruction

Thankfully, after an appropriate mourning period, Emma found a new friend. Bonnie Bunny entered our lives, and filled Emma’s heart, and promoted non-stop thumb sucking.

It seems like Emma’s favorite game is ‘Where In The World Is Bonnie Bunny?’ This game is best played when we are late- especially for bedtime.

Now, loyal readers know that my mom neatly solved my security blanket issues by THROWING AWAY MY BLANKIE, OLD FAITHFUL. One would think that I would remember this trauma, and that I would be more understanding when my daughter loses her ‘lovey’. Oh, how very wrong you are!

Losing Bonnie Bunny causes me to lose my mind. The loss of Bonnie Bunny causes the intense kind of stand offs usually seen in the Middle East: Emma wandering around the house, crying for the lost lovey while I am STOMPING around, opening every single drawer in our house for the fifth time in the desperate hopes that Bonnie will be there. She never is.

Bonnie is still with us, and these days she is much easier to find because she now lives exclusively in Emma’s bedroom. Emma is staying true to form and trying to do all the things I did as a child, which causes some concern about the prospect of large orthodontic bills. I think my teeth alone funded at least two college educations (and not one of them was mine). While Bonnie’s new restrictions are sad, they are better than the alternative of THROWING AWAY THE LOVEY.

I look forward to a day when Bonnie Bunny is loved, but not in the world revolving around her way that she is now. And, I promise to keep her for prosperity.

(My mom really is a wonderful mother, and I try every day to be half the mother she is. Even though she tossed Old Faithful.)



  1. I love that she wears tutus all the time. So cute! And Aunt Laura looks like a really fun auntie. :-)

    Oh the lovey. Wow-ok I wonder if this is just a girl thing? Or do I need to prepare myself for when Piglet gets attached to a security object? I’m a tad OCD so I may have 3 backups. ;-)
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  2. My husband and I found this out the hard way. My daughter latched on to two (!) baby blankets that I bought at Ikea for her and her twin brother. I had to make a two hour drive to go get spares!

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2
    Julia recently posted..Wordless Wednesday-January 23rdMy Profile

  3. My oldest friend kept her ‘blankie’ until she married, heck knowing her, she still has it but I do know she had it right before she married ( she was 22 when she married).
    Lucy recently posted..The New Age of Random Acts of Kindness #RandomActsOfKindnessMy Profile

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