Bethenny Is Not an Expert, and Diets Make Me Crazy

Diets.  I cannot think of a more emotional word, or of a more lucrative industry.  It seems like everyone is an expert in weight loss these days, and is sharing their secrets in a book.  I was visiting a friend last week, and she lent me her copy of a book by a world renowned, medically licensed nutritionist.

bethenny Bethenny Is Not an Expert, and Diets Make Me Crazy

Oh wait; she gave me her copy of Bethenny Frankel’s book. I was, um, not impressed. WHAT A MORON.  She has taken common sense and managed to make it sound condescending, creepy, and downright stupid.  Bethenny is an ex- Real Housewife of New York (that city has always been the worst) (also, I never watched any of her spin-off shows based on the RHNY) who is now an expert in everything “diet”.  Her main advice seems to be to to waste food.  She says ‘taste everything, eat nothing’, which executes itself as the following: eat one bite of something and throw the rest away. She says it is better to be wasteful with food than wasteful with calories.  I have heard one too many stories of the starving children in Africa for me to accept that wasting food is a good idea.  Basically, her sole credential that affords the lofty title ‘expert’ is that she is (too) thin. She did go to culinary school, but I fail to see how being a good cook makes you an expert on weight loss.

skinnygirl Bethenny Is Not an Expert, and Diets Make Me Crazy

She did give us Skinny Girl drinks, which I will (grudgingly) admit are delicious, so I guess it’s a wash…

Other notably stupid diets include The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Raw Foods Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, and the Cayenne Pepper Diet. I am not prone to conspiracy theories, but it seems to me that the Fruit And Vegetable Lobbies are very influential… just sayin…

detox Bethenny Is Not an Expert, and Diets Make Me Crazy

And the cleanse diets? Good Lord help us all.  When Thomas and I were dating, I was lured into the detox-cleanse camp.  On the surface, it makes sense- we put a lot of chemicals into our bodies, and eliminating the buildup of said chemicals could improve one’s health.  The gurus also boasted of weight loss and as a newly engaged girl, I was definitely on the Crazy Bridal Weight Loss Train (WAY more on this train to crazy town later). I decided that a detox-cleanse was a capital idea.

Unfortunately, not everyone else had the same thought…

train Bethenny Is Not an Expert, and Diets Make Me Crazy


  1. Rachel @ The House of Burks says:

    Ugh, I hate the word diet. I have always struggled with my weight and it is even harder to try to lose with two kids and a full time job and no time to exercise. I don’t do well when I feel like I’m depriving myself anyway; my weight loss has always stemmed from an increase in exercise rather than cutting calories. I’m currently easing back into eating paleo, which when you get to the basics of it, it focuses on cutting our processed foods and sugars, which we should all probably do anyway. Hopefully I will stick with it this time!

    And Bethenny’s face is irritating to me. She always has a sneer.
    Rachel @ The House of Burks recently posted..{A Little} Before and After: Master BathroomMy Profile

    • I have never tried eating paleo… I am scared I like my nutra sweet and Diet Coke too much (no chemicals, right?). Yes, she always does have a sneer!

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