A Disclaimer…

blushing A Disclaimer...

Oh my gosh, everyone is so nice! All of the comments written about how wonderful I was to stay on my diet on vacation made me blush.

Everything I wrote WAS true. My friend Erika was a witness to all of it. She is still my friend today, even though I was That Girl.

I did bring my meausring cup.

measuring cup A Disclaimer...

I did take the stairs all the time. (Erika and I had a rule that we had to take the stairs everywhere, and never the elevator. As anyone who has been on cruise knows, it seems like all you do is change decks, which means all you do is ride the elevator. I think that the cruise line workers somehow switch the location of breakfast, lunch, etc just to watch all the tourists ride the elevators- we were always the only people on the stairs!)

I did not eat any bread.

I so do not deserve all the accolades.

I need to be honest…

I drank A LOT of wine.

I ate cake. (I would pretend it was my birthday. There is nothing like a room full of people singing to you!) ( Erika hated this. She called it ‘Fakeland’.)


So, thank you THANK YOU for all of the kind words. I DID follow my diet, but hey, I was on vacation too!


  1. Veronica lee says:

    Good for you! Keep it up, girl!

    Happy Friday!

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